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My Red Dress Day Ballerina Crown for ALC 8

With the AIDS RIDE less than a week away, I finally ran out to the craft store for ballerina crown supplies. In only about an hour and a half, I was gazing at something that I think every drag queen alive would covert. LOL.

It was so much fun I'm going to make a few more, but they'll be faery crowns for Summer Solstice. 

So.... here it is...

<a href="http://s735.photobucket.com/albums/ww359/mishnyc2002/?action=view&current=faerycrowns002.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i735.photobucket.com/albums/ww359/mishnyc2002/faerycrowns002.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

faerycrowns002.jpg picture by mishnyc2002

Okay, so I was at the end of Balboa Penninsula with 2 of my girlfriends, just soaking up the cali sun after lunch and some beers and we were approached by two guys on bikes with more beer. This is the cool part... these guys were the 'hares' in a 'game' where a  'pack of hounds' (other people) were following signs they left (chalk or flour), and they were waiting for the hounds to catch up do they could all go to the next pub destination. "WHAT???" you ask? Dig this:  There is a WORLD WIDE ORAGANIZATION CALLED 'THE WORLD HASH HOUSE HARRIERS' that has been going on FOREVER, in nearly every country and city on the planet, where people get together to have this chase and then drink their balls off. They even have Hash names that they use instead of their real names (your real name is referrred to as your civilian name or  your nerd name and they ONLY use their Hash names. Example: I DO BUTTS, SHE BANGS, WHALE BONE, LEANING HARD, SO SUE ME, etc...). Anyway,  My friend Chelena nad I accepted their invitation to join them and WE HAD A FUCKING KILLER TIME. If I were not so damn tired I'd write more but I'm on call and I'm pooped from bike riding and drinking all over Orange County with those amazingly fun party animals. Since the concept of the HASHERS is a bit  long and complicated,  I've pasted the website below.

I will DEFINATELY join these people again. Check out to see if there's one in your area. It will be like attending a moving rugby party ...ALL DAY LONG.

Global Trash & InterHASHional News Presents
The World Hash House Harriers
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Welcome  to the home page for the world's most eccentric running club, the Hash House Harriers. Now with 1886 hash groups registered in the world directory, located in 1226 cities in 183 countries, it is easier than ever for you to find fun, trail, and friendship where you live.

The Hash House Harriers is a more social version of Hare and Hounds, where you join the pack of hounds (runners) to chase down the trail set by the hare or hares (other runners), then gather together for a bit of social activity known as the On In or Down Down with refreshment, humor, song and the occasional feast. In most groups, all are welcome, young and old, fast or slow, so don't wait to get in shape, just come on out and join us. The only prerequisite to hashing is a sense of humor, so check out a hash near you by clicking on the World Directory link, search for the group nearest you and ring up or email one of the contacts listed there. It's that simple.

If you do not know anything about the Hash House Harriers and would like to read up on us, or if you cannot find a group near you and are thinking of starting one, click on the Hash Bible. This is a complete hash reference book which includes history, mismanagement concepts, trail marking ideas, stories and more.

Become a member of the site so that you will have a lot more information about us opened up to you including more of the Hash Bible. We require membership to view many sections of this site because, like Las Vegas, what goes on in the hash stays in the hash. We have a wide variety of groups from children's groups to family hashes to adult only groups to pub crawls. What makes the Hash House Harriers so popular is that it is flexible and appeals to all segments of society.

See you on Trail!

Cheers and On On!
Stray Dog



"Hashing is a state of mind -
a friendship of kindred spirits joined together for the sole purpose of reliving their childhood or fraternity days, releasing the tensions of everyday life, and generally, acting a fool amongst others who will not judge you or measure you by anything more than your sense of humor."
Stray Dog

(From the Global Trash Hash Bible complete reference for the Hash House Harriers)
Please, please, please...
if you love to read fiction that slams your  'tired of  the same old bullshit of my real life'  ass into another world, won't let you sleep at night because you just NEED to read one more freaking chapter to see what happens next,  has you laughing your ass off  one minute and screaming, 'Oh No He/She Di-int!"  the next, and cheering for incest (yes, INCEST), then GO OUT AND GET YOUR SELF THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS SERIES BY CASSANDRA CLARE.

I finished the last book of her trilogy (City Of Glass) last night  and I'm already mourning the end of it.  My friend Chelena and I have been gushing over  it since we got our dirty little hands on  the last book in our our beloved series two days ago. 

It is fucking fantastic.

JACE WAYLAND, YOU ARE LOVE. I will miss my literary conjugal visits with you. TERRIBLY. *sigh*

I actually had a touch of  'post potter depression' like symptoms today because there won't be anymore novels based on this group of characters that I have grown to love.

 Visit www.mortalinstruments.com .

Then  just go out and buy the shit for pete's sake. ;)


Just wanted to give you a peek at my AIDSLIFECYCLE 8 homepage. It's a cool event with a cool website and you can access it with this link www.aidslifecycle.com 

or through my homepage there via this link  http://www.tofighthiv.org/goto/Michelle.Parlato

Anyway, this is what is looks like. But you'll have to use the links above to cruise around it and check  out the very check out worthy pictures, videos and the like from previous rides. Enjoy! xo-M

Welcome to my AIDSCYCLE page, Homeskillets!

Donate to support Michelle!


72 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $3,000.00
Achieved: $2,160.00


Stephanie Foglia



james e rand

Medy Encina

even DEATHEATERS ride for a cure ;)


I'm Riding to End AIDS

Hey everyone!  Happy New Year! I hope that 2009 is good to you all and that any goals or hopes you have for yourselves (or others) will become a reality. Basically, I want you all to get exactly what you want ;)

Now for the reason I asked you all here...

First off, THANK YOU for taking the time to visit this this page and give it your attention. It means you're interested in maybe helping out, and maybe even that you think I'm a swell girl.  Well, I think you're a dang rockstar too (No, seriously, I mean it!).  :)

Okay, so down to specifics, my people...

 AIDS/LifeCycle is a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, beginning May 31st and ending on June 6th. Yours truly is going to partake in it... as a rider. Yeah people, me. What? I started practicing and everything already. ;)

 So, I'm doing this for two reasons. The biggie is that I want to make a difference. I want to make things better in this world, and this year I'm focusing on doing that for people living with HIV and AIDS. It's no secret how devastating this disease is- it threatens and effects us all and we need to get rid of it, already!

Second, I want to work hard for it. I want to experience really pushing myself for something that means something to others. I want to FEEL like I am apart of the cure that will change our whole world.  I want to actually DO something that shows  that I CARE. This is going to be a bit of a challenge for me, and to say that I am excited about doing this is an understatement.

I know that the economy is tough, but I'm hoping you can help out a little bit. It's okay if you can't, but if you're able to donate to this cause, I promise I'll make you proud of yourself for being a part of this.

That's it you guys. Again, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR GIVING. Much love to you all, and my sincerest gratitude always.  

                                         With love,



Help me support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation by giving what you can. We'll keep riding until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past.


My AIDS/LifeCycle Blog

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Alrighty! So yesterday I completed my longest training ride to date and IT WAS KILLER.
My training group (Team OC) got together 80 participants and we all rode 75 miles from Irvine to Solano Beach. I had the very good fortune to ride alongside Robin Gardner for the day. She's a fantastic person and also a seasoned veteran to the AIDS RIDE- this year will be her 7th time participating! Holy, right? Anyway, riding with her was really great and I loved every second of it. G (Gary) also hung back to ride with me from time to time to chat- which is really cool and kind hearted, considering he's a really strong, kick ass rider that blows me out of the water (he's already done 4 AIDS rides). Also, I got to meet a few other NEWBIES to the ride and that was excellent. I ran into Reese right before we entered Camp Pendleton Military Base (Marines). Her daughter, son-in-law, and grandbaby actually live on the base. Tina I met just riding along (with her husband Chad in tow on his hybrid bike) the route. She's really fit and does marathons and stuff with Chad. She's also really, really cool. We ran into each other a few times during the ride but got a chance to chat and introduce ourselves at an impromptu stop at the 7eleven- RIGHT AFTER WE ALL RODE THROUGH A SWARM OF BEES. Seriously, A SWARM!!!!! It was really bizarre. All you could do was put your head down, hold your breath, hope you didn't swerve into traffic and just ride through them. I was wearing leggings (it was kinda cold that day) and once I was past them I noticed that all these damn bees were sticking to my legs. I was riding and trying to flick them off of me but then we hit a red light, so I put on my breaks but I forgot I WAS CLIPPED INTO MY BIKE PEDALS and neglected to unclip before I got to a complete stop... So I fell over and crashed. LOL. I was unhurt but must have looked ridiculous lying on the ground, covered in bees, flicking them off my pants. When I stood up Robin had to help me brush the damn things off of my backside. The guy in front of me had to pull off his helmet and shake them out of it. No one was stung though and it gave us something to laugh over and the opportunity to stop and meet one another. Thank you, bees. ;)
Finally, after 7 hours of peddling, we arrived!!!!! YEAAYYYYY. What a feeling to see that sign- WELCOME TO SOLANO BEACH. LOL. It got a few hoots and hollers, needless to say.We stopped at the uhaul truck first to pack up our bikes and then we ran over to Pizza Port to join our faster cohorts to revel in eating pizza, gulping down beer, and just hanging out in celebration of our ride together. It was an amazing day- seriously, I can't describe how killer it was.
A few hours later we were on the Amtrack back to Irvine, happy, tired, and tipsy.
The only bad thing about the day was that my riding partner and mentor, Jordana, was not there due to a bad case of food poisoning. Poor, horribly ill, baby. WE ALL MISSED YOU JORDI!!!! But we'll do it again WITH you in May, mama!!!!! I cannot wait. :)
Okay, that's it for now. Thank you, everyone, for keeping up with my progress and for your priceless emotional support and donations. Big xoxoxoxox's to all of you!!! You're the best! love- M

by Michelle Parlato on Sun, Mar 22, 2009 @ 11:28 AM

My Saturday

So it's 5:11 pm Cali time and I'm sitting in front of the t.v. in my pajamas watching HBO. Why? Cuz I was up all night on call doing an emergency cranitotomy, got like 2 hours sleep, went to my new neurologist for a second opinion (everything is excellent, BTW) which lasted about 2 hours , went back to sleep for a few hours and now I'm vegging in front of the television tryiing to get my ass off the couch to go to a friends' bday party. 

I wanted to mention 3 things:

1- The show I'm watching is called 'Taking Chance',starring Kevin Bacon. He's a marine who escorts one of our  fallen soldiers from Iraq back home to his family for burial. It chronicles the journey and it is so touching and intensely emotional that I have been crying the entire time.  You should really watch it if you get a chance to do so. It's an amazing story that is probably an all too typical case scenario. Watch it. And let's try to thank out troops when we see them in our travels. Thanks.

2- My new neurologist is killer. She spent 2 hours with me in her office getting a very detailed history of the whole event, showing me all my MRI's/Cat Scans, etc, and pointing everything out to me so that I could understand what was what on them. She also checked me out and had me walk around and do all the little finger tests- AGAIN. LOLZ.  And this is what she said basically:
* The left vertebral artery does not exist anymore but it's fine because I don't need it.
*We don't need our cerebellar lobes (so I guess it hit the right place, huh?)
* My follow up MRI's show very, very little evidence of a stroke.
* I need to keep taking my aspirin. No biggie. If I experience anything weird we'll re-evaluate.
* We'll take another MRI in a year maybe to see how it's looking. 

So that's it.

3-I'm perfect again. Case closed. ;)


So I've been frigging dying of anticipation for the big screen adaptation of THE WATCHMEN  and today  it was released in theaters. GEEKS WHO LOVED THE GRAPHIC NOVEL  REJOICED EVERYWHERE AND RAN TO THE CINEMA , READY TO BUST A  NUT  OVER RORSHACH AND BIG BLUE.

I was one of those bitches.

Okay, I loved the  movie. I had read a couple reviews that were not so in love with it,  but they were clearly from people who'd never  even read the graphic novel.  Uh, I'm sorry, but  WHY THE FUCK IS SOMEONE LIKE THAT EVEN REVIEWING THIS  MOVE? Hmmm? I mean, aren't these movies primarily made for geeks who love the original novels/comics/etc.?  IMHO, those ignoramuses who haven't bothered to crack open this little masterpiece and try to write a sophisticated review sound uh... stupid. js.

 Anyway, I think new comers to The Watchmen who have an interest in this type of film genre, and  who can keep their thinking caps on for 2 hours and 45 minutes, will really dig it.  It's SO true to the novel  and is visually gorgeous, frame after frame. It WAS  the novel brought to life for me, and I clapped and hooted my little ass off in the theater..
There's one more thing I've got to mention. My man, Dr. Manhattan, is showing off his goodies the  WHOLE movie, which buttered my toast since he's ridiculously S-E-X-Y. Yes,  the blue freak IS sexy.   I was very pleasantly shocked they kept him naked for the film adaptation.  I want to send the bitch who made the decision to keep him in his birthday suit for most of the movie a fruit basket.

Now I simply must have a life size one of these in my bedroom...

to go along with my life size this...

PS- funny story. The theater actually had a really cool Rorshach dude mingling amoung the movie goers and I was like "OMGosh you look killer!" The guys with him asked me if I wanted to take a pic with him and I told them I didn't have a camera, to which they replied, "No, we'll take it with our camera."  I guess it must have been for  theater promo stuff or something. Anyway, I'm in all my dorkified glory and I nuzzle up to the Rorshach and said very excitedly "THIS IS SO COOL...YOU'RE MY SECOND FAVORITE CHARACTER!"  *yikes* BURN. Everyone within ear shot laughed their asses of at my inadvertent stupidity.


So, I'm a bit frustrated with myself because I don't know what 'normal' is for me anymore. Since my brain has aquired it's black out patches, I'm unsure how to gauge myself.  And I won't know what's going on in there until my final MRI on the 17th so I get a little paranoid sometimes. Like the other night when  I had a small headache and  thought, "Is this okay? Should I  call one of my doctors? Am I just being a sissy? Can I take an aspirin even though I'm on baby aspirin twice a day already? Should I just go to bed? Is it stupid to just ignore this?"

I went to bed.  I was fine when I woke up.

I went for a 4 mile walk a few days ago with the Gilbert girls and their dogs and about half way up to the water tower I felt a little bit light headed and I thought, "Is this normal? Have I ever gotten light headed before coming up here?" (I couldn't remember if I had. When you're perfectly healthy you don't notice that shit, you know?) Should I sit down for a minute? Should I say I need to go back? Is something wrong or is this just a result of not being active for a few weeks? Should I just keep walking and stop being a sissy?

I just kept going and it was fine.

Right now I'm getting a headache from looking at the computer screen (I think). So the obvious thing to do is to stop right? Well, when I get to work on Monday I have to look at the flipping computer screen all day to do charting and no one will give  a flying F if I have a headache. That's how it goes when you work in a hospital. So I'm thinking maybe I should just keep on playing on the laptop to get myself used to it.

*SIGH*. Frustration. 

Here's something we could all use
<a href="http://s735.photobucket.com/albums/ww359/mishnyc2002/?action=view&current=busted-daily-robert-pattinson-3.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i735.photobucket.com/albums/ww359/mishnyc2002/busted-daily-robert-pattinson-3.jpg" border="0" alt="pattz"></a>

That's better. 



I think I might officially be obsessed with the Coraline website now. Taking it 'easy' since being home from the hospital has made me chunkier and more intimate with my laptop. Remaking all of my friends so that they now have buttons for eyes in Coraline's 'other mother's workshop' is an excellent exapmle of me taking it easy. What am I talking about? Go to www.coraline.com right now and see for yourself. It's the sickest website ever and I am in love with it. This is what my niece looks like after a visit to the Other Mother
www.coraline.com (and make your own creepy button eye picture. This is my nieces' pic. ew, I love it!)

Okay, that's it. I'm toast and need some rest. Oh, one last thing.

You're welcome.

So my dad will bring my car to just north of NYC to Candi's house ( I think) ;) on the 25th of September.

I finish work on the 26th and then will go pick it up and  stay the night at Candi's. She doesn't know this yet but she loves me and will be happy to have me :) Thank you, BFF.

I'll go back to the city on the 27th or 28th and THEN pack up the car. I actually have the apartment until September 30th- not the 28th as I first thought. Yeah. More time to scramble.

Then I'll head to Buffalo and hang with the family.

Then I'll start the trip to Cali-forn-i -a.  I can't say which day exactly. But in enough time to be back in CA by October 8th, I think. So that's what? In Buff til oct 4?


I'm sure I will change my mind like 12 more times concerning this schedule.

I just want to mention a side note here. The Twilight movie premiere is in Hollywood on like Nov 17th. This is 4 days before the opening of the movie. This is my plan: enlist a few friends -who will not mind indulging my Twilight/Pattinson obsession and the presence of thousands of screaming teens- to go to Hollywood with me to catch a glimpse, possibly, of the Pattz, and then fly  back to NYC for the opening of the film to squee in the theaters with my NYC Twilight obsessed homegirls. I have alot of those here on the east coast , thank our eternal Edward:)