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M's spot

where I can squee, babble, and gripe...

Hmmm... okay, I'm full grown but I still fall in love with things that excite me like I'm a teenager. I have two sisters that I love, two nieces who I adore beyond life, and friends across the country who are the most interesting, loyal, and wonderful people you can imagine. I'm an operating room nurse in my work life and in REAL LIFE I'm a lover of travel, YA novels, reading, sports (especially cycling), cooking, the outdoors, and spending time with my close group of peeps. I don't party anymore but give me dinner and cocktails with a few personalities that I enjoy and it's ON. I am in love with the fictional character Edward Cullen and IDGAF if that makes me a little bit strange. I've converted about 30 previously 'sane' women into the cult and I can probably turn you too so don't point your finger so quicky. LOL. Right now I'm training for the 8th annual AIDSLIFECYCLE- a 580 mile bicycle ride from S.F. to L.A. to help in the fight against AIDS.